Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What If

If you were blog surfing today it is no accident that you came upon this message. perhaps today you are conflicted regarding religion and spirituality.  You may be an Atheist or Agnostic, wondering why so many people believe in this man named Jesus.  Before you dismiss Christianity as a fable or myth, I ask you to do one thing. Find out for yourselfe while you are in the land of the living because;  What if it is all true. what if you die and because you rejected Jesus Christ you find yourself in eternal torment with no chance of escape?  There are those and i used to be one of them who said , "Die and find out", but once this life is over there is no cominbg back, no second chance.  Therefore if Christianity is indeed a fingment of the imagination, and when we die it is all over, and there is no after life, then belief in Jesus does not matter.  If everyone "good" goes to heaven anyway, then accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior will not make a difference. If all religions are the same and all paths lead to God then there is no point in choosing to follow Christ, but; What if, it is true that Jesus was crucified and rose again in 3 days.  What if He indeed is the only path to God and eternal life?  Do you really want to take that chance? So today I ask you, if you are so certain Christianity is  foolishness, then prove it, right now while you are in the land of the living.  I dare you to call of Jesus, ask Him to reveal Himself to you, and see what happens. If you humbly ask Him to show you that He is real, I believe He will.  Ask Him into your heart, what have you got to lose?  How many times in this life have you been told to follow certain steps and they guaranteed a great weight loss, or that you would be wealthy and you only found disapointement? I cannot promise ypu anything except that God Almighty through faith in Jesus Christ His Son and the power of His Holy Spirit will reveal Himself to you if you ask in faith.  After that it is a personal walk. Will you take the chance today?  Just say this:  God if You are real and where I spend eternity is determined by faith in Your Son Jesus Christ, I ask You to make Yourself known  to me today.  Show me that You are real.  Jesus I want to know the truth.  Come into y heart and let me know You for myself. What have you got to lose by trying.  And please email me at Householdoffaith3@gmail.com  and let me know the outcome.

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