Sunday, November 28, 2010

All hands on deck! All eyes on Jesus!

Yet again another entry into the fraudulent world of the prosperity lie.  This false minister had the nerve to make a video saying:  "Watch me watch me watch me", but the devil is the fagther of lies.  In this season God is saying;  "All hands on deck, All eyes on Jesus.!"  Every available  believer in Christ is needed to stand up in one accord and make it plain that we do not follow men,(or women). We heed the voice of God through them but we do not look to another human being as the answer.  We take the medication that a doctor prescribes, we practice the principles that a school teacher gives us but we do not consider these individuals as our all in all.  Yet in the church world people feel the pastor is their key to God. Read your bibles, God gives Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers, Elders and Deacons as well as Pastors.  come on folks, no one individual has all your answers.  Stop starting you sentances with: My pastor said, my Bishop said.  How about THE BIBLE SAYS! Do not make an idol of another flesh and blood person because idols fall. A statue was erected in my city of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And a Christian man bowed down and kissed the ground in front of it.   No disrespect to the King family but Martin King is still dead.  He did not get up on the third day with ALL Power in heaven and earth in his hands.  He was but an instrument used by God in his seaon  which was over 40 years ago.  Jesus is the bread of heaven, the living water, a very present help in trouble and a soon coming King.  How dare we raise mere mortals to status that equals His. God is calling, can you hear His voice.  All hands,  every available man woman boy and girl, come up on the deck.  Get on God;s page.  Learn His agenda.  It is ALL about His Son. All hands on deck, all aboard, clear your vision.  Stop mising the forrest because of the trees.  All eyes on Jesus Christ. Develop your personal relationship with Him.  If you don't and you keep elevating men, they will continue to fall and disappoint you. Even as you read this, please hear the Holy Spirit and do not even consider me I am just the Prophetic Scribe(writer) doing my assignment. I say again:  It is not about the car you drive or the house you live in. It is about a personal relationship with The living Savior.  Use this season to get to know Him for yourself, so you may tell someone else of His wonderful love. Black folk,  slavery has been ended for many years yet many of us still have a mentality of needing the massa, well it is not your pastor  it is THE Master of heaven and earth and skies, the One whom the elements obey.  Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

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