Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Soul Winning

Proverbs 11:30 tells us that winning souls is wise.  And Matthew 9:-38 says we are to pray the Lord of the Harvest thrusts laborers into the harvest fields.  The harvest is lost souls.  Those who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Christian Church today has in many cases become about building personal ministries, mega churches and making pastors millionaires.   The only reason we have the "church" is because Jesus Christ shed His blood on Calvary for our sins, and He rose with all power in heaven and earth in His hands.  It is time to get back to winning souls.  Sharing Jesus with people. Leaving bible tracts whereever possible. Making the focus of our websites salvation.  There is nothing wrong with motivating people to find their destiny and purpose, but without faith in Jesus it is all in vain.  What good is having money, a mansions a private jet if when you leave this life you spend eternity in the flames of hell. Jesus Himself said in Mark 8:36, What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose your soul? Much of the mess in the body of Christ today is because we have  lost our first love.  We must get back to telling the good news of the Gospel of Jesus; the virgin birth, the crucifixion and ressurection power ofour soon coming Lord Savior and King of all Kings. We need to be wise and be about our Father's business.  The central focus of Intercessory prayer should be that the gosple is preached in all the world as a witness.  The main event in churches should not be comics and entertainement but that one soul walking down the aisle to give their life to the Lord.  It's not about titles, and positions it is about Jesus and what He did for us. As Christians every day should be Christmas and Ressurection.  Every day of the week is SON-day. Lead someone into the SON-light today, so the SON can rise in their life..  And you will be glad my friend when you lead someone to open up their heart and let the SON shine in.(SELAH)

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